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Who We Are

Who Do We Think We Are?

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We know we are not all things to all companies but we do bring unparalleled passion and a "get it done" factor that is exemplified in every successful entrepreneurial endeavor. Amplified Solutions was built out of the desire to offer a total solution and not just part of one. At the end of any process or project, we heard the same thing, "Now what?". Each part of a project in and of itself always had some value but true ROI was only found with one more step. We strive to provide a complete ecosystem to the challenges your organization faces. This comprehensive package usually involves one of our partners but rest assured we are the owner of the process that delivers results and doesn't leave you asking "What now?"

What's Our Culture?

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Our Culture

We are high energy, passionate, competitive and and honestly not for everyone. We are "foxhole partners" That means once we establish a partnership we consider each others success our success. Even if we don't have a formal partnership, we want everyone to be successful. We don't elevate ourselves by wishing failure on others.  

Our Partners

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Our Partners
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